we are one! We are Christians join together in faith in the name of Jesus Christ as brother and sister to help one another.. We shear our life together. our problems and happiness care for one another  consoling, gaudiness, advice, praying for one another, if one of us have problem all help to saving  it, making friends, help you to funder partner,  to marred. And we do biasness together . if you join us, as brother or sister

we wont to know day by day how you are doing?    If your ok or not,  if   you have some wher to sleep and have food to eat ? if you have a small biasness and is going down  because  of fanciness and till us we looking in to it if we can help you we will help you in the name of Jesus Christ , we helps  problems likes can not  pay bills like operation,  or hospitals, we can give pat cash  extra ,  if  you looking house or apartment to live or buy it , looking for job or wont to give job , looking for  partner to marred , if  you have something you don’t need it you can post it on next so that some one need can pick it up ,  we sell thing to one another  as cheep as we can, so we do advisement too!  We aexpet   anyone is not matter who you are! but  you have to respite our law  and aexpet our king Jesus Christ  we are God chiding we living like the kingdom of God,  that is the way God till as to live. Of cause we make contrburt,  0ne us dollar day  or if you can pay more you can do so. You can Donation  in your free will .         



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